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L+B AG Real Estate Consulting, founded in 1992, consists of a small, experienced and motivated team which offers the following services:

The purchase and sale of real estate, rentals, management of rental real estate, valuations, conveyancing of condominiums, construction trusteeships and general consultancy services.

You will receive from us professional and speedy processing of:

1. ) Purchase and sale advice

Finding or selling apartment buildings, commercial / industrial and business buildings, hotels, single family houses, freehold apartments, demolition properties/building plots.

2. ) Rentals

Initial rental of new residential and commercial buildings, re-letting of renovated properties, as well as the rental of single properties (such as single family houses, freehold apartments, office units, etc.).

3. ) Management of rental real estate

Full management, technical or commercial management of residential or commercial buildings, as well as rented individual properties (single family houses/freehold apartments).

4. ) Valuations

Creating valuation reports on single family houses, properties in condominiums, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, properties with construction rights and undeveloped land (building land).

5. ) Conveyancing of condominiums

Preparation of public notarised conveyancing of condominiums at existing properties or construction projects.

6. ) Construction trusteeships

Representation of the owners and safeguarding their interests in all aspects of a construction project, in particular towards architects and general contractors.

7. ) General consultancy services

Advice to property owners, developers, architects and other developers in all aspects such as:

  • Usage studies for building plots and demolition properties
  • Creating market analyses
  • Assessment of construction and renovation projects,
  • Creating and evaluating contracts
  • Assistance in obtaining financing.

L+B AG is a member of:

  • Swiss Real Estate Association SVIT
  • Swiss Chamber of Estate Agents SMK
  • Swiss Chamber of Valuation Experts SEK

Our qualified staff speak German, English, French and Italian. We also regularly rent and sell apartments and houses to expats and look forward to hearing from you.

The L + B AG Real Estate Consulting team